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 Since the daywe've met you've talked about how youthinkmarriage is lame i didn't saylame i saidproblematic right two people declaringtheir eternal love for each other howproblematicwe hope you will enjoy the followingranking please let us know your favoritein the commentsand make sure to subscribe to never missa good movie againnumber 10. to all the boysp.s i still love you 2020.

 it's actuallya two-forkrestaurant they give you the second onejust in case you knocked the first oneoff the tableno that's that that's not it to all theboysp.s i still love you is a 2020 teenromantic comedy filmdirected by michael femignari and starslana condor noah centennialjordan fisher and anna cathcartfollowing the surprise hit that was the2018 originalto all the boys too continues thehilarious journey of laura jeanwho once accidentally sent all her loveletters from her childhood to hercrushesnow continuing her relationship withcharismatic petera love triangle appears where she meetsone of her former crushes by incidentthis is my first datei've never been a girlfriend beforei hope i'm good at it number ninesergio 2020 whatyou're aloneno bodyguard today sergio is a 2020biographical drama filmdirected by greg parker and stars wagnermoraand anna de armas crafting a suspensefuldrama with the ingredients of ahorrifying real-life eventsergio is the story of a united nationsdiplomat living in iraqwhen a bomb blasting haunts his home thewalls begin to crash downone by one now finding his lifecrumblingsergio must overcome his pain to bestronger than ever beforei'm sure when he notices i'm missinghe'll come runningare you missing maybei'm a serger sergio sergio de melowell you're not allowed to go missingnumber eight the lovebirds20 20.

 what is that whatthat face is that sure i want to kissyou facethe lovebirds is a 2020 romantic comedyfilmdirected by michael showalter and starskumail nanjianiand issa rae once again rethinking theclassic romance trip as something moreadventurous and daringthe lovebirds follows gibran and leilania struggling couple living theirso-calledordinary life but when accused of amurder they didn't committhey must go to find out what happenedwho's behind the mysteryand ultimately find a way to clear theirnames hi nice to meet youwe're fighting no we're not we'rerehearsing a playit's a fight scene how's thisit's fun it's fun what do i look likechuck e cheese butsexy you're like cheesenumber seven chemical hearts2020. you look umfatty i was gonna say hotchemical hearts is a 2020 romantic dramafilmwritten and directed by richard tan andstars austin abrams and lily reinhardtwhile not reinventing the genre ofmelodramatic teenage lovechemical hearts is refreshing throughsmart commenting on the tropewhile delivering on strong emotions andsuspenseful writingit is the gripping story of a strugglinghigh school senior who falls deeply inlove with a transfer student thatborrows a dark secret well it's mycostume fromlast yearyou doing okayyeah in this moment i'm i'm okayi think you're the most confusing humanbeing i've ever metnumber six issy and aussie2020.sushma issy and aussie is a 2020 germanromantic comedy filmwritten and directed by oliver kindlyand stars dennis mojanand lisa vikari reimagining theuniversal trope of class war in moviesissy and aussie takes the premise andputs it into a comedic romancecombining love and tragedy with prideand prejudicewhen a billionaire's daughter rebelsagainst her strict parents in pretendingto be in a relationship with astruggling boy from the working classthere might be more to the acting thanplannednumber five all the bright places2020.

you will write about them explaintheir significance to youand to indiana and why you chose tovisit themall the bright places is a 2020 teenromantic drama filmdirected by brett haley and stars ellefanning justice smithand kelly o'hara combining heartbreakingtragedy with the beauty of explorationyouth and the will to live all thebright places is the romance of twoyoung adults who both face the fear oflosing track in lifebut when their destinies cross fade theymight get another chance to find outwhat they really want from themselveson one memorable road tripokay what just happenedsounds so weird all right settle settleviolent are you okay all right let'stake our seatsnumber four i still believe2020. it's a date what nothat's not a date really because youliterally just asked me out justright over here i still believe is a2020 romantic drama filmdirected by the irwin brothers and starskj abbabrit robertson shania twain and garysinisethis gripping adaptation of a real-lifetragedy yet romance captures theextraordinary life of christian musicstar jeremy campfollowing the icon on missteps thatdefined his later workwe witness how love affected him and howlost defined his later careermaking a beautiful experience for fansof romance and biopics alikei thought about it all nightactually and okayokay yesokay one datenumber three emma 2020.i must tell you emma what you will notask though i may wish it unsaid the nextone do not speak itemma is a 2020 period comedy filmdirected by autumn dewild and stars anyataylor joyjohnny flynn josh o'connor and callumturnercontinuing the row of strong jane austenadaptationsemma hits a refreshing note with sharpsarcasm brilliant directingand dark humor we follow wealthy andsmart emma woodhouse who navigates herway through profound missteps in herlove liferesulting in the most absurd situationsbut while going from mismatch tomismatchshe may find out that love has alwaysbeen by her sidemy dearest emma for dearest you willalways be my dearest most beloved don'ttell me at oncei cannot make speeches iif i loved you less then i might be ableto talk about it morenumber two the half of it2020.

i'm a lead yes i knowyou've only been playing my dad'sservices every sunday for like fouryearsthe half of it is a 2020 coming-of-agecomedy drama filmwritten and directed by alice wu andstars leah lewisdaniel daimer and alexis leemeyer thisdeep and incredibly entertainingcoming-of-age story has absolutelyeverything for fans of teenage dramawho seek an uncommonly smart and tenderexploration of youthwe follow an introverted student whodespite being shyhelps the school jock get a girl whomthey both secretly wantresulting in a part hilarious partrefreshing way to build the typical lovetrianglein a satisfying way remains of the dayloved it all that fairly repressedlongingbefore we unveil movie number one hereare a few honorable mentionsso great to see you you smell so good what is that that'ssoapsorry.

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